In the face of endless deadlines, successful planners also need exceptional time management skills in order to make sure each event goes off without a hitch. Finally, make sure that your goals are transparent to your attendees so that they are assisting you with accomplishing your vision along the way. Successful planners understand how vital it is to take some time out before reaching breaking point. Conversion Rate Goal Example: Increase conversion rate from Facebook ad clicks by 11% by the end of the year.. For instance, if the goal of the event is to teach attendees, you need to think about what attendees are learning, why theyre learning it, and how you want to teach them. 2023 Oldtown Publishing LLC 479 State Route 17 N There are survey templates for a range of event types with preset questions to make the process super simple, or you can create your own customised form. When you figure out event objectives and goals for your event, all other planning seems to just be pieces to the puzzle. This compensation comes from two main sources. A post-event debrief document should be established at the front-end of the project to capture feedback throughout the event process. Start to ask yourself questions such as: You may find that your strategy might involve some mini-goals. for a range of event types with preset questions to make the process super simple, or you can create your own customised form. Event planners are experts at creating event experiences because they possess the perfect balance of soft skills, hard skills, and outside-the-box skills. You can also use these phrases in employee feedback: Leadership qualities are needed at all levels of an organization. My goal is to run a series of increasingly profitable events. Measurable: This goal is easy to measure as you can easily calculate how much of your overall profit came from this raffle. T: This goal is time-bound, as the point is to implement this strategy by your next event. Performance goals help businesses measure where a business is compared to where it wants to be and can help bridge the gap between the two. Whether they need to pull up contracts or get in touch with a vendor, the top event planners dont waste time tracking down information because they know exactly where it is. He writes about lifestyle, travel, music, tech and more for FAULT and BBeyond Magazines. For virtual and hybrid events, however, creativity comes in different forms. Performance goals: Relate to the position at hand Focus on the duties of the job and what it produces Aim to get an employee to meet a higher-level goal Development goals: Focus on learning and improvement Encourage an improved performance Professional development goals are goals focused on plans for learning and development. When setting goals, work with SMART goals, which are: For instance, saying you want to host the best marketing conference ever is not very specific or measurable. Dont forget about your suppliers, too a great relationship with them will give you extra bargaining power. Use numerical values to quantify targets. found that the average marketer says theres just a 50-50 chance theyll attend an in-person event during the first half of 2022. Setting clearly defined objectives when planning or managing an event is key to achieving your overall purpose. Are you sure you want to rest your choices? 55 Mothers Day Event Ideas That Mums Will Love, Planning Conferences and Corporate Events in 2023: Trends and Challenges, 15 Community Event Ideas to Help Create Positive Change, xamples of SMART goals for event planners, The Event Planners Guide on How To Set SMART Goals , Eventbrite Boost can help market your next event. Here are 100 phrases to adapt, from 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals by Paul Falcone as well as additional performance goal phrases that may help you to provide more useful feedback to struggling team members. Specific performance goals depend on the employees job role, but they should always be connected to the overall business goals. Respond to correspondence and phone calls within the expected time frame. Similarly for outdoor events, creating a backup plan to point to in the case of inclement weather is never a bad idea. SMART Goal Example Summary: I will land my dream job working for a SaaS company like Shopify and travel long-term as a digital nomad. Because they are one of the few industry events of its kind, networking is the #1 priority for most attendees. Take the time to process what is said by others. Tomas Laurinavicius is a writer and designer. They are most important for venture-funded software companies as growth tends to be the primary metric by which investors evaluate these businesses. Contact us today Using an event planning app like Eventbrite can also help to take some of the stress off, as it keeps all of your attendee information and payment details safely in one place. Many planners dive right into planning without even considering this crucial bit of information. Checking this information daily means you can be proactive in reallocating marketing spend, knowing how much food to order, or inviting more people to your event rather than waiting until its too late. Seek ways to assume responsibilities beyond your current job description.. What are the key things you want an attendee to walk away with? Remember that if all else fails, technology often has your back. Through an enhanced design and strategically placed conversion tools, they ended up with a total of 6.84% more conversions. Say, in 2016, the goal was to reach $5 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). To nurture diversity: Appreciate the unique perspective, skills, and experience that each person brings to the team.. Because the agency had done a similar event the year before, they knew how many conversions they previously achieved and decided to choose a modest (but realistic) goal. Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Tracking customer satisfaction might require setting up an automated system for gathering feedback. However, the SMART goal methodology can make your job easier. What do you hope to accomplish in hosting an event? R: This goal is relevant because organization and communication between all appropriate parties are essential for an event to be successful. Also, try these performance review phrases during an evaluation with an employee who struggles with punctuality: Some employees struggle with having an appropriate attitude at work. To stay ahead, its vital to keep your finger on the pulse of industry trends. Eventbrite offers organisers the opportunity to easily seek opinions both pre- and post-event via integration with the survey tool. Another important metric is engagement rate, the percentage of your followers interacting with a piece of content (e.g., liked, commented, shared, etc.). M: This goal is measurable because you can compare the number of staff you had on hand at the last event to the number of people who attended. In it, Doran articulated five essential criteria for setting clear and measurable goals using the S.M.A.R.T acronym: The framework has been around for a while because it works. Were pre-determined measurements of success achieved? But if you do have time, a timeline can help you with coordination as far out as days and weeks in advance to event day. Encourage team creativity by listening to new ideas. Whether youre aiming to increase your revenue, grow your audience, or improve on feedback from attendees, using SMART objectives can help. Take 30 minutes each morning to browse the web, so you can start your day informed and prepared. Checking this information daily means you can be proactive in reallocating marketing spend, knowing how much food to order, or inviting more people to your event - rather than waiting until it's too late. The formula is: (conversions / visits) x 100 = conversion rate percentage. But, by knowing what your VIPs will require ahead of time can help you can plan for the unexpected. Revenue Goal Example: Increase Q4 revenue by 25% by closing 25 new accounts.. Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at for more details. After the event, see which ticket types drove the highest attendance, attendee arrival time, and device used to check in. Analyze project requirements and develop strategies. Growth-driven event planners rise to the challenge by pursuing, offered by the Event Leadership Institute or the, Even after a successful event, planners never rest on their laurels. However, they each have distinct meanings: When determining the goals behind the event, you are simply documenting the purpose of the event. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Planners should be skilled at vendor management in order to build strategic partnerships and maximize outcomes and impact. For example, Noah Kagan, the founder of Sumo and AppSumo, shared that with Sumo, he would set a single revenue-based goal each year. To achieve that aim, they have set a SMART objective that is: With a set of SMART goals in place, youll have a well-formed strategy for assessing how close you are to achieving the overall aims of your event. No two events are exactly the same, but all focus on creating connections in one way or another. M: This goal is measurable because you need good time-keeping skills. This plan can be an outline, a project plan, or another document. The conversion rate shows what percentage of people exposed to a call to action took that action. 6 Examples of SMART Goals for Event Coordinators, 3. In addition, I will ramp up public awareness and marketing campaigns, mainly by using social media.. If ticket sales from previous or similar events havent reached your objective, you might need to reconsider your goal. Anticipate what your manager will need to know and provide that information. For managers: Keep team members informed of each others actions.. Having a list of people involved with the event and their contact information can help direct issues that arise to the right person. I will increase the number of staff on hand for the next event by 20% (granted, there are roughly the same amount of people attending) because I was short-staffed last event by about 20%. Respect the time and responsibilities of others. KPI: % of key jobs filled S: This goal is straightforward yet specific, to increase ticket sales by 25% from the last event to the next. What worked and what didnt work, feedback from your stakeholders and how it can be improved. Attainable: This is easy to attain and very realistic. Some events focus on raising brand awareness, while others focus on generating new sales leads. There are lots of. they need to succeed in 2022 and beyond. Specific. Keep reading to learn more about the event planning skills you need in order to deliver event experiences that attendees wont forget anytime soon. Doing these seven things every day will help you learn how to be successful in your event planning career. Keep reading to learn more about the event planning skills you need in order to deliver event experiences that attendees wont forget anytime soon. Remember that if all else fails, technology often has your back. And how many qualified leads you obtained. Event professionals must be knowledgeable and experienced in the following: Additionally, todays event planners need to know how to deliver TV-quality video content, whether thats sourcing the right partner, employee, or software to make it happen. Once you know your event goal and youre confident and passionate about those goals its time to figure out how youre going to reach them. Its not the end of the world, provided you have a crisis management plan to deal with it. That being the case, theres no better time than now for event planners to develop the event planning skills they need to succeed in 2022 and beyond. Professional development goals are goals focused on plans for learning and development. You might be using an unsupported or outdated browser. A: This goal is attainable because many people are looking for jobs. Here are some performance review phrases to use if communication is a weakness for the employee: Some employees just arent creative or struggle to come up with innovative ideas. To implement your SMART goals and accurately measure success, explore how Eventbrite Boost can help market your next event. complete 52-week event communication plan. Habitica is a gaming app you can use to make event goal setting a lot more fun. Up next, discover the best floor layout apps for events to bring your event goals to life, and check out a helpful event planning checklist you can customize for your objectives. The answer? Eventbrite tracks a range of KPIs including sales and how much youve made from each ticket type, promotional code usage, attendee geography (by IP address), and merchandise sales. Welcome new employees to drive improved morale. Listen to and acknowledge customer feedback. Finally, if you want to take your goal-setting efforts to the next level, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals. Moreover, another issue many event coordinators face is not correctly budgeting finances. My rule of thumb: 15% over the total budget should help offset any costs you might have missed during budgeting. Provide constructive criticism to coworkers. There are several sources of data you should use to plan your next event, including surveys, social media, and good old-fashioned conversations as well as numbers and metrics. The Forbes Advisor editorial team is independent and objective. Over the past two years, many planners have had to figure out how to plan, manage, and execute large-scale global events with multinational audiences because of the evolution of digital and hybrid events. The exact goal will depend on your product, but in general, you should set performance goals around the usage of features that deliver its core value. Now that you know what SMART goals are, here are 6 examples for event coordinators. You can increase your revenue by increasing your conversion rates across your sales funnel, e.g., ad clicks, email opt-ins, sales, etc. These performance goal phrases may help poor planner improve: Listening is key to any successful relationship including those at work. Product engagement goals are relevant to SaaS companies, marketplaces and social media networks. Why or why not? For event planners, remembering the big picture can be really helpful since their minds are normally focused on a million little tasks and deadlines. Organization can be a key to improving the skills and performance of any event planner. Refrain from publicly criticizing coworkers. Not only are todays event planners experts at planning for a number of different scenarios, theyre also solution-focused and immediately shift to problem-solving mode when things go awry. Use: I want my next event to generate 30% more revenue from virtual and in-person ticket sales than the previous one. Once you have that, it will be much easier to set performance goals for each job role, as youll know the overall business goals you want to achieve. My goal is to increase the ticket sales for my next event, one month from now, by at least 25% compared to the last event I coordinated. Many employees lack the initiative to take on new tasks or complete assignments without the need for micromanaging. Using SMART goals helps you cover all of the bases. Conversely, if its a smaller, more intimate event, finding a venue appropriate for the audience size is a good idea. But they only make sense as an employee performance goal if that employee has enough power to make decisions that directly impact the companys revenue. T: This goal is time-bound, as the goal is to increase sales by the next event, which, in this case, is next month. Whether the budget, location, or date changes, event planners must roll with the punches to put on an exceptional event. Subscribing to our bi-weekly. each day. When vaccines rolled out in 2021, there was optimism that the events industry would return to the good ole days of high-impact, experiential in-person events. Start by answering the questions created at the front-end of the project during the pre-event strategy phase: The answers to the above questions should be gathered throughout the lifecycle of the event. To boost customer service: When we lose a customer, follow up to discover what we could have done differently.. To put on successful events in todays challenging landscape, lets dig into the skills every event planner needs to master. Copyright 2023 Bizzabo. Unfortunately, going over budget is a problem that happens more often than most would like to admit. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. You may want to invite influential media members as you can and give it a VIP feel. A: This goal is attainable and realistic, as adding an extra 5 minutes between speakers or activities should not be a challenge; its just simple scheduling. Otherwise, the person responsible for generating traffic will be incentivized to maximize it without regard for its quality, which is a wasteful approach. While not all of these goals may apply to you, the methodology is how you should create all your objectives. Show by asking open-ended questions that you are engaged in conversations.. When the pandemic first rattled the industry, event planners were forced to rapidly pivot to virtual events. Something went wrong. Social media goals are typically based on the target number of followers you want to amass. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Mini-goals and milestones are what you might need to set to get your ultimate goal that is OK. As you brainstorm, map out your event plan. Only increase the complexity of the rating system if its necessary. Busy event creators have limited time, so its critical that they understand the most important areas to focus on and prioritise them in an event planning checklist. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Doing this can give you inspiration for the likes of newly popular, and innovative health and safety measures like . M: This goal is measurable because you can easily list all relevant parties you must communicate with and track who you have and have not yet contacted. Example 1: Plan an end-of-year gala for all employees and their families to celebrate company . R: This goal is relevant because you cant have a coordinated event if you dont have adequate staffing to execute all necessary functions and aspects. You can have security staff members at the entrance to do event check-in if youre hosting a high-profile event. And when all else fails, start your goal-setting process with joy. Communicate thoughtfully during meetings. That being said, traffic in and of itself is a vanity metric, as you dont want just any traffic. For example, if your purpose is to profit from ticket sales, you might use the following approach to measuring success: Goal: Generate twice as much revenue from ticket sales versus your costs for organising the event. Proactively determine if current policies and procedures support diverse employees. Heres how you should go about setting those SMART goals: Be as clear as possible when defining what you want to do by thinking about the aims and objectives of an event. a boss, the board chairs, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, audience and online community). Theyre incredibly detail-oriented, stick to schedules, and fight tooth and nail to stay within budget. Objective: Sell a certain number of tickets at various price points to ensure you hit your goal. Is it a large business conference, where youll be launching a brand new product? Avoid taking professional criticism poorly. Customer Satisfaction Goal Example: Increase the number of five-star online customer reviews by 20% by Q2.. The goals will help guide the appraisal and give you specific employee responsibilities and metrics to evaluate during the performance meeting. Facilitate brainstorming and out of the box thinking. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. This will include the caterers, decorators, keynote speakers, and anybody else of relevance.. These performance goals for event planners can help to show whether or not the project was a success. Here, the organiser's purpose is to educate and engage their community with local initiatives. R: This goal is relevant to the success of an event: You need to know how many people are coming to accurately plan for an event. How do I keep virtual attendees engaged and connected to in-person attendees? Once the KPIs are set, they need to be measured to determine event ROI. to help you build and maintain a successful organization. SMART goals help event organisers formulate specific objectives to help them measure the success of their events. Even the most talented and seasoned professionals should prioritize sharpening their event planning skills. To help support our reporting work, and to continue our ability to provide this content for free to our readers, we receive compensation from the companies that advertise on the Forbes Advisor site. Second, for proper organization, I will host a meeting with all relevant parties on the morning of the event. Instead of: I want my next event to generate 30% more revenue from virtual and in-person ticket sales than the previous one. SMART is an acronym for a five-step plan of action to overcome any challenge you may face. If youre not sure what these smart goals should look out, check out the examples later in this post. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just some of the platforms you should be using on a regular basis as the owner of an event planning business. Regardless of your objective, one or more of these main event KPIs should be a great fit for your needs: Event software is especially helpful for measuring these KPIs, so make sure you have a reliable platform ready to go ahead of time with all the features needed to capture your chosen data. Why are SMART goals important in event planning? Stakeholders are defined as internal and external (i.e. Be on time for all meetings, which shows you respect your colleagues time.. The answer? Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

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